How To Stop Worrying About the Future

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With so much going on in the busy world around us, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by everything.

Learning how to stop worrying about the future, focus on the present, and find joy in your life is a major goal for many people.

Though worrying may seem like a requirement of life, that’s not always true.

To live a better, more fulfilled life, you need to learn how to let go of some of your worries. Thankfully, there are ways to do just that.

Many self-help books, which you can find summaries of on Blinkist, can help make this dream of a less stressful life more of a reality.

What is Blinkist?

Why You Need To Worry Less

Most people want to worry less, but why is it that you really need to put time into this?

Rather than thinking that worry is a natural part of life, what can worrying actually do to make your life more difficult?

Bad for Brain and Overall Health

First of all, worrying can be very bad for your overall health.

If you worry a lot, your brain may have trouble focusing on other things.

This can lead to problems in your home and work life, and you might not even realize the cause.

Additionally, your health can suffer when stress and worrying begins to affect how you live.

If you find yourself eating unhealthy foods, sleeping less, and not exercising because of your worrying, this will affect your physical health.

May Cause You To Self-Sabotage

When you are anxious about something, it becomes easy to self-sabotage and make your life even more difficult.

Worrying about a specific situation may lead you to avoid certain issues or problems rather than resolving them.

You might avoid doing something altogether just because you don’t want to risk things going wrong. In short, worrying can become paralyzing.

Can Prevent Good Decision-Making

When you are overly worried about something, you might not be able to think logically about how to approach a problem.

Worry can make it feel like everything is going to go wrong, and that will lead to making rash or emotional decisions.

Emotional decisions aren’t always a bad thing, but they aren’t always a good thing, either.

how to stop worrying about the future

How To Stop Worrying About the Future

Here are some tried and tested tips on how to stop worrying about the future.

1. Get Comfortable With Uncertainty

One of the most common reasons that people feel worried is because they are uncertain.

When you don’t know what is likely to happen, you begin to worry.

If the situation in question is high stakes, that worry can feel paralyzing.

However, the simple fact of the matter is that you will always have some uncertainties in life.

Being comfortable with uncertainty will help you to worry less.

Once you can be comfortable with not knowing everything, you can then take the next step to figuring things out. That will make a huge difference!

2. Take Action Quickly

When you are confronted with a problem and begin to worry about it, do you put it aside to address later?

If so, you might be adding to your worry immediately. This isn’t always the case, but it often is.

When you let a problem fester, it can lead to excessive worry that you wouldn’t face otherwise. Instead, it’s great to start making plans quickly.

Even if you can’t completely solve things right away, putting plans in place will help you feel more comfortable with the uncertainty ahead.

Then, you can worry less.

3. Exercise

As much as worry is a product of the lives that we live and the choices that we make, it is also a product of the chemicals in our brains.

Sometimes, those chemicals are not in balance as they should be.

In severe cases, this can lead to a need for medication, but that’s not always true. Your brain might just need a boost!

It has been shown by science that exercising regularly releases chemicals in your brain that help manage worry and stress.

Because these chemicals are pumping in high amounts, it is easier to feel relaxed, happy, and joyful.

By adding exercise to your daily routine, you might be able to feel less worried.

4. Share Your Worries

Talking to a trusted friend or to a therapist about your worries is a great way to begin addressing the issues that stress you out.

By talking about what is plaguing your mind, you can work out the root cause of what is bothering you.

Sometimes, venting about your worries is all that is needed to move forward.

Therapists are great third-party listeners; they can counsel you with advice that is not biased as they do not know you personally.

Trusted friends can be good listeners, as well, because they will understand where you are coming from.

Blinkist: Find Your Center Quickly

When you are looking for ways to find your center and live with less worry, reading more self-help books might help.

There are hundreds of great nonfiction books that cover topics about living with less worry and stress.

If you don’t feel like you have the time to read, don’t worry!

Blinkist is an excellent book-summary service that gives you the ability to learn the key lessons from nonfiction books without reading them in full.

Each quick summary can be digested easily, and then you can focus on applying those lessons to your life.

‘How To Stop Worrying and Start Living’ Book Summary

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie

On Blinkist, you will find How To Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

This book by was written in the 1940s. It focuses on common sense ways to lower worry in your life.

Sometimes, simple is best, and this book is an excellent example of that mantra.

Though the examples in the book are a bit dated, the core concepts can still be applied to today’s world.

Carnegie focuses on how most worry stems from either the past or the future, and both of those cannot be actively controlled.

Instead, he suggests, we must learn how to control and be active in our present to worry less.

The book gives additional suggestions on how to do that.

Focus on You, Right Now

As mentioned in the How To Stop Worrying and Start Living summary, as well as other worry-related books found on Blinkist, you need to focus on who you are today to live your life.

Of course, worry will show up from time to time, but you need to be prepared to push through it.

When you start overthinking things, remember this: worrying about the past won’t solve things; worrying about the future that hasn’t happened yet isn’t a great use of your precious time.

So, you would want to focus on the problems of here and now instead.

Change your life by living it, and you’ll find that you have less to worry about in the end.

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