What Is Women Empowerment?

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There have been many influential people throughout history. And a substantial number of those have been women.

Women are mothers, creators, leaders, scientists, and so much more. Given enough power, they can change the world.

What is women empowerment, and how can it lead to better conditions around the world, in the workplace, and at home?

Learning about this important movement can help make a positive change in the world.

With The Moment of Lift book summary and other non-fiction summaries that you can find on Blinkist, a book summary platform, you can be a part of that change.

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What Is Women Empowerment?

Before you begin learning how you can help change the world, let’s start with the basics: what is women empowerment?

This is a phrase that means different things to different people, making the movement hard to define.

Translating it into languages other than English can be a struggle, as well, which is why uniting the movement is also a challenge in itself.

Generally speaking, women empowerment refers to the process of improving economic, political, and educational systems as they affect and stifle girls and women.

The idea of women empowerment is to ensure that women are not treated as less than men and are given the appropriate support.

Through focused attention, a world where women have the choice to do more than what was once allowed them can be created.

Rather than hearing, “you can’t,” women will be able to hear, “you can.”

Why Does Women Empowerment Matter?

Why is giving power to women so significant? There are thousands of reasons; these are just a few of them.

Economic Freedom

In many parts of the world, women are still tied down financially.

Due to circumstances, laws, culture, and tradition, women are often left without a way to support themselves financially. Instead, their economic fate is tied to that of their families and husbands.

To create a truly free and developed world, women must be empowered and freed from these economic ties.

Reduces Unemployment

Women face a gender gap in the business world as well as in their jobs. As a result, this can lead to many being left unemployed when they are qualified.

As women are empowered, women’s unemployment has been shown to decrease. When more women work, it can also improve the economy of the country at large.

Additionally, women bringing in more fair wages have been shown to improve the quality of life for those in their family sphere.

Changing the lives of women changes the world.

Reduces Disproportionation Care Labor

Women are often put into positions of unpaid care labor in their families and at home.

From taking care of relatives to becoming responsible for a huge amount of domestic work without any choice in the matter, they are essentially trapped.

By improving the conditions that women live in and creating educational opportunities for them, women can move away from this type of lifestyle.

what is women empowerment

How Can We Empower Women?

What does it mean to empower women? How can we do this effectively?

As an individual, there are many causes that you can actively support that will help to create better lives for women around the world:

  • Vote for and fund projects that fight human trafficking
  • Support clean water efforts in areas without good water resources
  • Become a mentor for a local girl
  • Invest in female-owned small businesses
  • Support better schooling opportunities and programs for girls
  • Actively support women in your spheres at work and at home

These actions are all very small, but they can make a big difference when actively employed in your life.

Every woman you are able to help become empowered is going to be able to help more women. This chain effect will spread, and you will have a much larger impact than you might realize.

It might not seem like your actions can affect a woman in America as well as a woman in India, but that can very much be true.

How Can Being Empowered Change a Life?

The word empowered can often feel like some loose, meaningless word used to drum up attention without any real accountability.

Until you look at the direct effects that women empowerment can actually have on the lives of women, that statement may be true.

However, empowerment can genuinely make a difference in the world.

Women who are able to get more education are able to enter job fields that they would not otherwise be able to access.

Those who have access to support from women-focused organizations can better avoid domestic abuse, unpaid labor, and human trafficking.

Women who are supported in the workplace will live better lives, both mentally and physically.

Every aspect of a woman’s life can change simply through her being empowered with choice and support.

By making a few specific choices in your own life, you can ensure that you are also supporting women.

‘The Moment of Lift’ Book Summary

The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates

The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates is a book about how changing the lives of women has had a massive effect on the world.

She also covers how we each can make choices that will help to further this change while making women’s lives better all over the world.

By blending personal stories, stories from women around the world, and researched data, Gates does a great job of making her points.

In the book The Moment of Lift, in particular, you will find that Gates focuses on how and why it is important that young girls are supported from very early in their life.

The more support they have throughout their lives, the more of a positive ripple effect they will have on the world around them.

A women’s sphere of influence is larger than some people can imagine. The bottom line is that lifting up women lifts up the world, and it is time for our world to see its moment of lift.

More Books On Blinkist

A detailed The Moment of Lift summary, as well as a number of other titles about women’s empowerment, are available on Blinkist.

Blinkist gives great outlines that cover everything you need to know about the most popular nonfiction books.

Because each summary can be consumed in less than 20 minutes, you can read the core concepts of important books even if you have limited time in your schedule.

When you’re a busy person trying to save the world by empowering the women around you, every single minute saved is a minute that you can spend on something else.

Lift Up the World

Are you ready to empower women worldwide by getting started on creating your own moment of lift?

It might not seem like a very important task, but creating a fair and safe environment for women around the world is of the utmost importance.

Women are incredibly important to society, and they have often been treated unfairly due to laws, traditions, and misinformation.

Now, that can all change.

Through the right processes and careful attention to what women need most, we can empower them to feel their power for what it truly is!

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